A list of music that Zenith has performed and is scheduled to perform.

Calvin Bowman:
Assorted Songs

George Butterworth:
Six Songs from a Shropshire Lad

Benjamin Britten:
Songs and Proverbs of William Blake
Assorted Folksong Arrangements

William C. Denis Browne:
Assorted Songs

Matthew Dewey:
Four Shakespeare Songs

Edward Elgar:
Sea Pictures

Gerald Finzi:
Earth and Air and Rain
Let Us Garlands Bring
Assorted Songs

Andrew Ford:

Ivor Gurney:
Assorted Songs

Frederick Keel:
Three Saltwater Ballads

Frederick Kelly:
Assorted Songs

Graeme Koehne:
Three Poems of Byron

Liza Lehmann:
Four Cautionary Tales and a Moral

Richard Mills:
Songs from ‘Songlines for the Heart’s Desire’

Maurice Ravel:
Cinq mélodies populaires grecques

Franz Schubert:
Gesänge des Harfners
Assorted Lieder

Robert Schumann:
Liederkreis Op.39

Ian Venables:
The Pine Boughs Past Music
The Song of the Severn
Assorted Songs


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